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Oh, you fuckin' knows I love you right But the thing is it's like this You see, I can feel it inside I can't explain how it feels My sexual love is for real Girl, you knows it's true, Lookjn Milli Vanilli I'll buy you ten Lovvin on a day trip to Caerphilly I'm after your heart, oh, don't you see. And your three kids Seexy bother me You know I'll give you a rose, pull out your chair when we eat Fuck I can't, in McDonald's it's a bolted seat Looikn matter 'cause I'm here with Sexy Lovin Lookin With a medium value meal and a chocolate sundae too Later on I'll come and help you sign on I'll stare into your eyes, the housin' Sexy Lovin Lookin gone wrong Don't worry, baby it won't take too long I'm just sittin', I'm just waitin', I'm just writin' this song You know a href"https:techynews. funpartymodel-home-gallery. php"Model Home Gallery,a time Sexy Lovin Lookin and I'm lovin' Sexy Lovin Lookin second Beatriz Recari Nude chips for you is as lovely as Sexy Lovin Lookin Sexy Lovin Lookin You're Victoria Spice, I'm David Beckham If you were Dellboy, I'd be the streets of Peckham Why don't you come to me.

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Yeah, this is for all the sexy ladies out there Uhh.

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