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Bouguereau Nudes and The Bouguereau Nude Standards of Modernist Art Dianne Keaton From Bouguereau Nudes and the Double Standards of Modernist Art Critics Bouguereau Nude Bruce Attah Regarding Bouguereau and pornography, I find it intriguing that when it comes to Victorian painters, the slightest Nued of possible eroticism is taken by modern critics to indicate prurience, male chauvinism, neuroticism, or even Bouguereau Nude Nude perversity, and all these are taken to be proof that the Victorian painter is bad. A quite outrageous example I came across once was when critic Waldemar Januszczak decided Lord Leighton must have been a pederast because in a particular painting - Cimabue's Madonna - a man and a boy are seen holding hands.

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