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Be Pussy Loser Sissy Tumblr A pussy free loser is not an easy thing to be. But it is the right thing to do if you're a loser. Entitled losers reject their inferiority to other men, angrily blame women for overlooking them, and leave any Sissh who gives them a chance dissatisfied.

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Those are the steps towards worshipping your goddesses. Whether you are here as a porn addict, a submissive who craves control or someone who has mistaken themselves Sisdy a real man, get Loser Sissy Tumblr to descend into goondom.

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I use the term beta boi. I will be using that term frequently. Loser Sissy Tumblr is very focused on the continual emphasis of the sexual inadequacies of the beta boi and how they should strive to be Loesr free.

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